Character and Fitness

*****Applications finalized within your NCBE Account*****

After logging in to your NCBE Account, select "Character & Fitness" and then "Amend Application" in the "Actions" column.

You will need to error check, finalize, and proceed to the completion checklist before your amendment becomes part of your application.

Please do not resubmit payment or release forms upon finalizing an amendment; these documents are only required upon the initial finalization of the online application.

*****Applications finalized outside your NCBE Account (e.g. AL, DC, IN, UT, WA)*****

Please use the following form to update your application.

General Amendment Form

You have the option of uploading supporting documents throughout the application. This is optional unless noted in the body of the question. Any document provided should only be uploaded once per application, even if it pertains to multiple entries/questions.

Uploading supporting documentation can sometimes speed up processing, especially if you have any foreign credentials (education, admission, etc.).

NCBE does not ask for or require a copy of your previous bar applications.

Required uploads include the questions labeled:

  • Attorney Discipline
  • Attorney Complaint
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law
  • Sanction or Disqualification
  • Military Service
  • Professional Discipline
  • Professional Complaint
  • Civil Action
  • Administrative Action
  • Criminal Action
  • Alcohol or Drug Related Traffic Violation
  • Revocation
  • Defaulted Student Loan
  • Other Defaulted Debt
  • Past Due Debt
  • Tax Debt
  • Bankruptcy

Do not upload password protected or secured documents or documents that contain an expiration. Removing these protections can be accomplished by printing and then scanning the printed document.

Preferred format: PDF

Scans: 300 dpi resolution is typically adequate, gray-scale preferred

Completing an online application is only part of the overall application process.

Every application requires certain documents to be received before a Character Report investigation is initiated. Submission procedures for these documents vary by jurisdiction, so jurisdiction-specific instructions are provided in the Completion Checklist that is made available at the end of each application.

You may access the checklist at any time by logging into your NCBE Account, going to the Character & Fitness section, and selecting the Action "View Checklist" next to your finalized application.

NCBE does not set deadlines; each jurisdiction has its own rules. For this information, you will need to contact the jurisdiction directly.

Contact information for jurisdictions can be found by going to the Character & Fitness page and choosing the jurisdiction to which you are applying from the drop-down menu.

You can view your completed application by logging in to your NCBE Account. If you require an exact copy of the application that was submitted to our office, you must complete a Request Copy of Prior Application.

NCBE will not consider your application until the required documents and payment have been received at NCBE.

Monitor your NCBE Account File Cabinet for communication regarding your application.

Contact your jurisdiction regarding additional fees and filing instructions: Jurisdiction Information

Note: NCBE is unable to provide guidance regarding jurisdiction admission requirements, deadlines, filing procedures or potential date of admission.

NCBE processing fees vary depending on your academic credentials and admission history.

Go to the Character & Fitness page, choose the jurisdiction to which you are applying from the drop-down menu, select View Fee Schedule, and use the descriptions to determine which fee category applies to your application.

This depends on a number of conditions, which can vary by jurisdiction.

Generally, if NCBE has completed a character report (Categories I, II, III and IV) for you in the last four years you are eligible for the reduced supplemental fee. You may confirm your eligibility by contacting our Intake Department.

In all cases, completion of a new application is required. There is not a separate "supplemental application".

Payment by check or money order may take up to 60 days for processing. Please do not contact NCBE unless more than 60 days have passed.

  • Partial refunds may be granted, in limited circumstances, if requested within 100 days of finalization.

  • If you request a refund for any reason after submitting your payment (credit card , check, or money order) a processing fee will be retained.

  • Once NCBE has generated correspondence on your application, the entire payment is non-refundable.

  • If you do not request a refund or send in the required documentation (as outlined in the Completion Checklist) within 100 days of finalizing your application, you will forfeit your entire fee.

Please allow up to 20 business days, from initial request, for a refund to be processed.

Do not initiate a charge back on your credit card after requesting a refund.

You may respond to NCBE Character and Fitness inquiries by:

Fax: 608-442-7999

Mail: National Conference of Bar Examiners, Character and Fitness Investigation Services, 302 South Bedford Street, Madison, WI 53703-3622

Email: (PDFs preferred)

Contact NCBE's Character and Fitness Department

Contact NCBE's Technical/ITSupport for assistance.

Retention Policy

Incomplete applications will be deleted after 90 days, if no applicant information has been entered.

Incomplete applications will be deleted one year after last being accessed, if applicant information has been entered but the application hasn’t been finalized.

Finalized applications will be deleted after 5 years (except as noted below).

Finalized applications to North Carolina will be deleted one year after the application is received by the respective admissions office. Please contact NCBE if you wish to have your information deleted from the server prior to the time periods list above.

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